Aydian was a spectacular keynote speaker at the 2016 Reaching Out LGBT MBA Conference. He presented himself as the perfect role model for those attendees seeking to live and work authentically and truly spelled out how the generation of current students can make that easier for those who come after them. What made it even more special was that he truly tailored his message for our specific audience to make it accessible, relevant and inspirational.

-Matt Kidd, Executive Director at Reaching Out MBA

My Journey To Authenticity
Aydian goes through his life journey from a young girl who was lost in her identity, to the man you see today. Through this journey we touch on topics such as depression, self worth, the LGBT+ world, masculinity and more. When discovering you’re different from everyone else you learn to find your inner strength to push through and make your dreams, reality.
TED Talk style with videos and powerpoint.

From Men’s Health, To Unhealthy- Body Image
Everyone struggles with their body. Too skinny, too fat, too short, too tall etc. Imagine being born in the wrong body, and then ending up on the cover of the worlds most popular Mens magazine. Sounds like a fairly tale doesn’t it? Learn how Aydian’s cover model status was actually the most unhealthy he had ever been and what it took to learn this for himself.
TED Talk style with powerpoint and videos.

(Pictured from Left to RIght; Anderson Silva, Justin Baldoni, Javier Munoz, Aydian Dowling, Prince EA, Matt McGory)
Masculinity in 2018
Aydian was featured in Man Enough; a gathering of men who open up the conversation of what it is to be a man in 2018. Why don’t men cry? Is it feminine to smile? Why is masculinity so fragile? Diving more into this subject Aydian shares his personal experience from being raised as a women for 21 years before transitioning to a man in 2009, and the dynamics a unique experience like this can offer up.
TED Talk style with powerpoint and videos.

Transgender In America-
Aydian uses his experience, as well as the vast amount of Transgender individuals he has mentored throughout his career, to explain what it actually is to be Transgender. Using this discussion to invite questions from the audience to help guide the dialogue and get a feel for the local environment to better assist in steps that can be taken to have better understanding of what is means to be Transgender.
Q & A style presentation using interaction to invoke thought and discussion

The Transitioning Relationship-
Aydian and his Wife Jenilee discuss how often relationships where one or both people transition seem to fall apart within the first 1-2 years. There is a commonality within these relationships, that expands past just a romantic connection. Many relationships, ones between friends, family members, co-workers- they all shift when someone transitions. Aydian and Jenilee go over steps, techniques and strategies that can be put into place to help keep these relationships intact.
TED Talk style with both Aydian and Jenilee presenting

Social Entrepreneurship
From working in free lance bakeries, to opening his own clothing studio, all the way to starting a grass roots Non Profit Aydian has Entrepreneurship, in his blood! But what happens when money or glory aren’t the driving factor? What happens when you decide to forget about the ME and focus on the WE. In this talk Aydian discusses how it’s not longer about ‘feeding the man’, but rather about ‘feeding the people’. The world is a new place that everyone needs to work for. How is that shaping the new Entrepreneurs of this world?
TED Talk style with Q & A

How to Keep Your Authenticity on Social Media
It’s a picture perfect world with filters, sharpener tools, highlight reels, and face filters. How do you remember what’s real and what’s not? Aydian discusses how it’s easy to get lost into the world of filters, for our own selves, and for the reality to others. Dive into some of the socially expected values of our world today, and learn how to still have fun while being our true selves.
TED Talk style with powerpoint and Q & A

Key Note – Hosting – EMCEE
Aydian is also well versed in catering to the needs of the audience. From hosting Boston Pride Parade’s Main Stage, to Interviewing top profile Influencers at VidCon & PlaylistLIVE, Aydian can keep the engagement and entertainment through the event. Formal, or Low Key- it’s about invoking thought and emotion through pure passion that has landed Aydian on these large platforms, inspiring hundreds of people at a time.
Speech or Hosting tailored to Events needs