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From the We Are Man Enough project – video courtesy of Wayfarer Entertainment on Vimeo

Universal FanCon 2018

Aydian Dowling was announced as a Special Guest at Universal FanCon 2018.

We Are Man Enough

Justin Baldoni, Prince EA, and Matt McGorry are joined by former UFC Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva, and trans activist, Aydian Dowling, to discuss body image standards in America and how they impact our sense of self.

Stand Proud York Region: Featuring Trans Activist Aydian Dowling

International Guest of Honour and recipient of the 2017 Inspiration Award, Aydian Dowling, spoke about the importance of standing proud and how if we fight for our limitations, we become the owner of them.

2015 Feminist Press Power Awards

“We’re honoring Aydian for being a role model for youth across the US, for establishing a business that strives towards the common good, and most of all, for his honesty and selflessness in his journey to help others.”

Out100: Aydian Ethan Dowling

On the same day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality, Dowling was welcomed into the Men’s Health Ultimate Guy contest, becoming the first trans man to join a mainstream men’s magazine competition.

Freedom for all Americans: “I Was Fired for Being Transgender”

Facing employment discrimination for being who he was felt terrible. And for Aydian, it reinforced his conviction of just how important it is for more and more people to understand who transgender people are.

Introducing GT’s first trans cover star: Aydian Dowling

This month, Aydian Dowling becomes the first transgender man to grace GT’s cover – and he certainly has a story to tell.

2016: PRIDE Toronto’s Grand Marshall

Aydian Dowling was named PRIDE Toronto’s first-ever trans male International Grand Marshall for the 2016 LGBTQ celebration.

2016: Boston Pride Festival Emcee Aydian Dowling

“His latest and biggest gig in New England is as Boston Pride’s Festival Emcee on June 11. But, that’s not everything that this trans man is doing to keep himself busy.”

NPR: Transgender Man Leads ‘Men’s Health’ Cover Model Contest

Aydian Dowling is currently leading the annual “Ultimate Guy” contest held by Men’s Health magazine. If he wins, he will be the first trans man to appear on the cover.

(#9) TransActivism: Aydian Dowling

“From every part of his social media platform, Aydian has chosen to be vulnerable and honest about a deeply personal journey – transitioning. He has talked openly about being on testosterone and his surgeries, his health and fitness plans, his long-term relationship with his now wife, and so much more.”

IN Magazine: 5 Transgender Game-Changers You Should Know

“Aydian’s YouTube channel subscribers and Instagram followers prove he is the kind of activist and leader the FTM transgender community was looking for, and he continues to rise to that challenge every day.”

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