Do you think there may be something ‘missing’ in your life?

Or maybe you aren’t really showing up for yourself in the ways you know you could. You’re feeling fed up with yourself and maybe you’ve even developed some habits you know aren’t serving you. That can all change.
Many of us feel stuck, destined to fail, confused, lost or even broken. I’m here to remind you that you may FEEL those things, but you inherently are NOT actually those things.
Even if you do not choose me as your coach – just being here means something.
You are brave and I see you stepping up to make a change in your life. You know that there is a way out of how you see yourself. There are stories you have been clinging onto and you’re ready to let them go. You know there is MORE than what you see.
Coaching with me doesn’t mean swimming around in the past. Although the past is relevant to many of the feelings and inactions we take- I’m here to help you face forward! Let’s take what we learn from our past- and have that help project us into our ever abundant future!
Whether it’s getting your business off the ground, breaking old habits, feeling connected to a body you love, rediscovering what you want in life and connecting with your authentic self- coaching with me can help get you there!

Meet Your Coach

My name is Aydian Dowling and I’ve been in your shoes. Feeling like I have a place in this world but being completely lost as to where that place is. Until I decided to do something about it. With the help of my own coaches, mentors and personal studies I have created a life I love. I have created a partnership with my Wife, a Family I am proud of, and a cause I am willing to fight for.
The last 10 Years I have dedicated to strengthening my body, my mind, and taking the necessary steps to living Authentically ME!
As a Transgender Activist, Educator, and Model I have been on both the dark side of fitness and the lighter side. I have battled Disordered Eating, and won. I have achieved the physical body I thought I wanted and realized that doesn’t make you as happy as you think. I have broken through the disbelief that I am unworthy of happiness. I have challenged the status quo of what it means to be a Man in the world, and in the same time challenged and changed my own beliefs of what makes a man.
I didn’t know I could be the man I always dreamed of without living up to society’s standards. I didn’t know I could be healthy and love my body without being restricting in my food and life.
That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to helping others break through their own limiting self-beliefs and become the authentic person they have always dreamed of.

Mastery Messaging

Master your life with my messaging plan

$49 / Per Session

We don’t all have time to sit down for a one on one call once a week. That’s why I made my Mastery Messaging system. You message me what you’re trying to do, and I’ll send you a video going over how to get there. Here, we not only work through your challenges TOGETHER; we also do it on your time.

Success Starts Here

Are you trying to make it but feel like no one understands?

$349 / Per Month

I can’t promise to understand everything, but I’ve been through a lot and will do my best. Here, we not only build you a plan to secure your success but work together to do it. I’ll not only become your personal mentor but also a friend. We’ll hop on a call once a week to check in, build your plans, and grow. On top of our weekly calls, I’ll also give you free access to all of my top secret training videos and the keys to my success.

Does that sound good to you? If it does, click down below. I’d love to be your mentor.

A taste of the Future

Let’s find your future, together.

$149 / Per Session

Are you someone who tries their very best but just can’t seem to find a reliable way to meet your goals? Sometimes all it takes is someone who’s been in your shoes to show you the way. We’ll do 45 minute call to go over what you’re struggling with, what your goals are, and make a plan to make sure you rock your future. Growth was hard for me, let me make it easier for you.

Love For Aydian

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is for people who are ready to make a change in their life, and are willing to accept help in the form of accountability, being asked questions to break through disillusions of reality, and actively willing to commit to quantifiable weekly Action to move close to their goal.
Yes you can. I have seen the powerful ways in which clients change their habits, their mindset, and their futures. We work together to target areas of your life and break through patterning that helps you reach your goals more effectively.
Although both create practices to help you grow, change self-limiting beliefs and master your life- Coaching is focused on the future. Therapy is focused on the past.
Trainerize is a fitness coaching platform which can be accessed via the App store, or desktop. Trainerize holds the unique workouts I create for you, your schedule, progress logs, direct messaging, and tons more. Find all the Trainerize features here.

Questions About Coaching?

Contact Aydian to discuss what he can do for you and help you be your authentic self.